In brief
Mother of a family
A woman of influence
She brings Carmel to France
Female stigmatic
Her beatification
Her canonisation
The Carmel celebrates the fourth centenary of her death
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You are about to meet someone out of the ordinary : Barbe ACARIE, who was born in Paris on February 1, 1566, and who died in Pontoise on April 18, 1618.

She was a woman living in the world, married, with six children, and she faced severe trials with heroic spirit. After she was widowed, she became the " key figure in the introduction of the Carmelite Order into France. " She herself was called by God to become a lay sister, Sister Mary of the Incarnation, now Blessed Sister Mary of the Incarnation.

As a Christian endowed with great common sense, her love of God showed itself in the fulfilment to the letter of the duties of her state in life. Allied to many natural gifts, she had an intense interior life and was able to fulfil her duties to God and her neighbour at one and the same time.

Madame Acarie is a model for ourselves, men and women of today, whatever our state in life.

Madame Acarie is invoked especially for expectant mothers and for the acceptance and protection of life under all circumstances.

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